Optima Strings

OPTIMA 24K GOLD STRINGS - Probably the finest strings in the world

Developed and handmade in Germany from the finest materials and for highest tonal demands. This series reflects their 90-year tradition of string manufacture. The result is a string of unmatched premium quality.
All strings are coated with real 24 carat Gold and are therefore completely insensitive to tarnishing or corrosion. Their durability is, compared to normal strings, up to three times higher and they are suitable for people allergic to nickel.

GOLD STRINGS are characterized by a brilliant sound and the typical SOUND OF GOLD, which also was loved by Frank Zappa. And of course, also Brian May (Queen) plays on his guitars ONLY with OPTIMA GOLD STRINGS.

OPTIMA MAXIFLEX GOLD STRINGS have the same positive characteristics and specifications like Optima 24k Gold Strings, but are altogether more flexible. Maximum sound with maximum flexibility.
All strings of this series can also be manufactured as Double Ball version. Please enquire.

Optima 24kt Gold Strings for stringed instruments:

Accoustic Guitar, Banjo, Cello, Children Guitar, Classical Guitar, Double Bass, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Fidel, Hawaii Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Harp, Hawaii Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Mandocello, Mandola, Mandolin, Mandriola, Manouche/Gyspy Guitar, Viola, Violin, Violoncello, Waldzither/Zither

Optima Chrome Strings, Optima Prime Hybrid Strings (Gold Strings & Chromes combined), Optima Flatwound Strings, Optima Pure Nickel Flatwound, Optima Bronze Strings, Optima Lenzner Silver Accoustics, Optima Lenzner Artist Accoustics, Bergfee Strings, Special Silver Strings Nylon, Special Silver Strings Carbon, Optima Goldin Strings, etc, also available. E-Catalogue available on request showing all the strings available (more than listed here, so please do ask).

USA Distributor/Sales Contact: Eduardo Del Signore

email: eds@optima-strings.com


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