Privacy Policy

Signore Music Privacy Policy

Signore Music does not use or sell your email address nor any information you provide to any other organisation, and is only used for the Signore Music newsletter subscription. If subscribing to Signore Music newsletters, you can easily unsubscribe at any time via the Newsletter, as each Newsletter provides an Unsubscribe button, which goes into force immediately.

Signore Music uses PayPal® for payments when buying music off Signore Music website as this ensures total privacy of your credit card information, bank information, etc, and so no such details are required nor stored or used on Signore Music website.

Strict Copyright laws are in force on all materials on Signore Music website.

ALL materials on Signore Music website are strictly Copyright and not to be reproduced or unlawfully copied or used without the validated written and signed consent of the artists and/or their legal parties.
Music downloads are available to be bought and are not to have copies made, nor to be reproduced in any way without prior written consent. You do have the opportunity to have 3 downloadable copies for your own private personal use after buying each downloadable song or downloadable CD bought off Signore Music website. These copies are only available for download for a 7 (seven) day period after payment. This is specifically only if you accidentally delete your original copy, or wish to use the same song on two of your own personal devices (eg. computer and smartphone or iPod). If the 7 days have passed and you accidentally delete your bought download, please contact Signore Music with proof of your purchase from Signore Music website so you can be sent a replacement download. PLEASE NOTE: Proof of purchase MUST be included and WILL be checked before being sent a replacement. This only applies to downloadable music bought off Signore Music website.
*You will find the Agreement on the use of downloadable music for sale on Signore Music website under 'Terms & Conditions' when purchasing a download, and is deemed as a written signed contract between you the buyer, and Signore Music.

You may link to Signore Music website, and any page within, but cannot copy nor reproduce any part of Signore Music website, nor take any photos, images, logos, music (for music available for purchase on this website, please see above*), videos and all other materials on Signore Music website strictly without prior validated written and signed permission.



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